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Jim Jeffers Well Drilling began in 1989, installing water systems for residential homes and local farmers and providing service and repair on existing wells to get the water system operating again. We started out installing mainly steel casing for water wells with the cable tool and auger method. In 1992 we purchased a mud rotary rig and began installing PVC for our well casing as most of our customers seem to prefer PVC water wells. Our customers are homeowners, residential and commercial contractors, modular home companies, farm irrigation and anyone who calls from a no water service call to a new water well system.

We have been on the same busy intersection of M-115 & M-37 for 26 years. In February of 2017, Jim Jeffers Well Drilling was purchased by Thomas Flint & Son Inc. We still provide new water system installation and service and repairs to existing water systems. We are honest and do all we can to meet the customer's needs for water. Our work is dependable and lasts for many years of trouble free service. We have kept our older smaller equipment for accessing tight work areas and occasionally on artesian wells. We have a large number of specialty tools for unique jobs and older wells; whatever water systems related services you need, we've got you covered!

So next time you have questions regarding your existing well system or need questions answered about a new system, call us at 231-885-1010 right away!
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